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<NIPagingScrollViewDataSource> Protocol Reference


The data source for NIPagingScrollView.

Definition at line 27 of file NIPagingScrollViewDataSource.h.

Inheritance diagram for <NIPagingScrollViewDataSource>:


[NIPagingScrollViewDataSource] Fetching Required Album Information
(NSInteger) - numberOfPagesInPagingScrollView:
< NIPagingScrollViewPage > *) 
- pagingScrollView:pageViewForIndex:

Method Documentation

- (NSInteger) numberOfPagesInPagingScrollView: (NIPagingScrollView *)  pagingScrollView

Fetches the total number of pages in the scroll view.

The value returned in this method will be cached by the scroll view until reloadData is called again.

- (UIView<NIPagingScrollViewPage> *) pagingScrollView: (NIPagingScrollView *)  pagingScrollView
pageViewForIndex: (NSInteger)  pageIndex 

Fetches a page that will be displayed at the given page index.

You should always try to reuse pages by calling dequeueReusablePageWithIdentifier: on the paging scroll view before allocating a new page.

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