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<NIPagingScrollViewPage> Protocol Reference


The protocol that a paging scroll view page should implement.

By providing a protocol instead of a UIView base class we allow more flexibility when building pages.

Definition at line 29 of file NIPagingScrollViewPage.h.

Inheritance diagram for <NIPagingScrollViewPage>:
<NIRecyclableView> NIPageView NIPhotoScrollView


NSInteger pageIndex property
(void) - pageDidDisappear
(void) - setFrameAndMaintainState:
NSStringreuseIdentifier property
(void) - prepareForReuse

Method Documentation

- (NSInteger) pageIndex [read, write, required, assign]

The index of this page view.

Reimplemented in NIPhotoScrollView, and NIPageView.

Definition at line 35 of file NIPagingScrollViewPage.h.

- (void) pageDidDisappear [optional]

Called after the page has gone off-screen.

This method should be used to reset any state information after a page goes off-screen. For example, in the Nimbus photo viewer we reset the zoom scale so that if the photo was zoomed in it will fit on the screen again when the user flips back and forth between two pages.

- (void) setFrameAndMaintainState: (CGRect)  frame [optional]

Called when the frame of the page is going to change.

Use this method to maintain any state that may be affected by the frame changing. The Nimbus photo viewer uses this method to save and restore the zoom and center point. This makes the photo always appear to rotate around the center point of the screen rather than the center of the photo.

- (NSString*) reuseIdentifier [read, write, optional, copy, inherited]

The identifier used to categorize views into buckets for reuse.

Views will be reused when a new view is requested with a matching identifier.

If the reuseIdentifier is nil then the class name will be used.

Reimplemented in NIPageView.

Definition at line 91 of file NIViewRecycler.h.

- (void) prepareForReuse

Called immediately after the view has been dequeued from the recycled view pool.

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