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<NICollectionViewCell> Protocol Reference


The protocol for a cell created in the NICollectionViewCellFactory.

Cells that implement this protocol are given the object that implemented the NICollectionViewCellObject protocol and returned this cell's class name in collectionViewCellClass.


(BOOL) - shouldUpdateCellWithObject:
(BOOL) + shouldAppendObjectClassToReuseIdentifier

Method Documentation


Called both when a cell is created and when it is reused.

- (BOOL)shouldUpdateCellWithObject:(id)object;

Implement this method to customize the cell's properties for display using the given object.


Asks the receiver whether the mapped object class should be appended to the reuse identifier in order to create a unique cell.object identifier key.

+ (BOOL)shouldAppendObjectClassToReuseIdentifier;

This is useful when you have a cell that is intended to be used by a variety of different objects.