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<NIPagingScrollViewDelegate> Protocol Reference


The delegate for NIPagingScrollView.

Definition at line 26 of file NIPagingScrollViewDelegate.h.

Inheritance diagram for <NIPagingScrollViewDelegate>:
<NIPhotoAlbumScrollViewDelegate> NIToolbarPhotoViewController


[NIPhotoAlbumScrollViewDelegate] Scrolling and Zooming
(void) - pagingScrollViewDidScroll:
[NIPagingScrollViewDelegate] Changing Pages
(void) - pagingScrollViewDidChangePages:

Method Documentation

- (void) pagingScrollViewDidScroll: (NIPagingScrollView *)  pagingScrollView

The user is scrolling between two photos.

- (void) pagingScrollViewDidChangePages: (NIPagingScrollView *)  pagingScrollView

The current page has changed.

pagingScrollView.centerPageIndex will reflect the changed page index.

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