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<NILauncherDataSource> Protocol Reference


The launcher data source used to populate the view.

Definition at line 112 of file NILauncherView.h.

Inheritance diagram for <NILauncherDataSource>:


(CGSize) - buttonDimensionsInLauncherView:
(NSInteger) - numberOfRowsPerPageInLauncherView:
(NSInteger) - numberOfColumnsPerPageInLauncherView:
(NSInteger) - numberOfPagesInLauncherView:
(NSInteger) - launcherView:numberOfButtonsInPage:
(UIButton *) - launcherView:buttonForPage:atIndex:

Method Documentation

- (CGSize) buttonDimensionsInLauncherView: (NILauncherView *)  launcherView [optional]

Override the default button dimensions 80x80.

The default dimensions will fit the following grids:

iPhone within a navigation controller Portrait: 3x4 Landscape: 5x2

The returned dimensions must be positive non-zero values.

- (NSInteger) numberOfRowsPerPageInLauncherView: (NILauncherView *)  launcherView [optional]

Override the default number of rows which is dynamically calculated.

- (NSInteger) numberOfColumnsPerPageInLauncherView: (NILauncherView *)  launcherView [optional]

Override the default number of columns which is dynamically calculated.

- (NSInteger) numberOfPagesInLauncherView: (NILauncherView *)  launcherView [required]

The total number of pages to be shown in the launcher view.

- (NSInteger) launcherView: (NILauncherView *)  launcherView
numberOfButtonsInPage: (NSInteger)  page 

The total number of buttons in a given page.

- (UIButton *) launcherView: (NILauncherView *)  launcherView
buttonForPage: (NSInteger)  page
atIndex: (NSInteger)  index 

Retrieve the button to be displayed at a given page and index.

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