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Nimbus Models


 Model Tools
 Model tools are objects that abstract common functionality used in view controllers.
 Table Cell Backgrounds
 NICellBackground is a tool for creating backgrounds that can be used to customize cells in UITableViews.
 Table Cell Catalog
 This is a catalog of Nimbus' pre-built cells and objects for use in UITableViews.
 Table Cell Factory
 A table cell factory automatically creates UITableViewCells from objects.
 Table View Models
 Nimbus table view models make building table views remarkably easy.


A model is an implementation of a data source protocol.

Data sources are required by various UI components throughout UIKit and Nimbus. It can be painful to have to rewrite the same data source logic over and over again. Nimbus models allow you to separate the data source logic from your view controller and recycle common functionality throughout your application. You'll find that your view controller can then focus on the broader implementation details rather than implementing dozens of data source methods.

Vanilla UIKit vs Nimbus Models

If you would like to see an example of Nimbus models being used, check out the ModelCatalog example application.