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NICellObject Class Reference


A light-weight implementation of the NICellObject protocol.

Use this object in cases where you can't set up a hard binding between an object and a cell, or when you simply don't want to.

For example, let's say that you want to show a cell that shows a loading indicator. Rather than create a new interface, LoadMoreObject, simply for the cell and binding it to the cell view, you can create an NICellObject and pass the class name of the cell.

[tableContents addObject:[NICellObject objectWithCellClass:[LoadMoreCell class]]];
Inheritance diagram for NICellObject:
<NICellObject> NIDrawRectBlockCellObject NITitleCellObject NISubtitleCellObject


id userInfo property
(Class) - cellClass
(UITableViewCellStyle) - cellStyle

Method Documentation


An object that can be used to populate information in the cell.

@property (nonatomic, strong) id userInfo;


The class of cell to be created when this object is passed to the cell factory.

- (Class)cellClass;


The style of UITableViewCell to be used when initializing the cell for the first time.

- (UITableViewCellStyle)cellStyle;