The iOS framework that grows only as fast as its documentation
NimbusKit Documentation

Nimbus is an iOS framework whose feature set grows only as fast as its documentation.By focusing on documentation first and features second, Nimbus accelerates the development process of any application while being easy to use and simple to understand.

Why Use Nimbus?

Nimbus' goal is to provide tools that fill missing gaps in Apple's frameworks. This includes simplifying common tasks, such as creating RGB colors, and providing additional features that Apple has not yet or may not implement, such as photo viewers.

By using Nimbus you will save countless hours of development time. We've found that after a point you won't want to build a project without it.

Navigating the Documentation

There are two primary forms of documentation for Nimbus: autogenerated documentation and community documentation. You are currently reading the autogenerated documentation, which has been generated from the Nimbus source code and focuses on individual Nimbus features.

The community documentation is available via the Nimbus Wiki and contains articles relevant to broader topics such as installing Xcode docsets and best practices. The community wiki is editable by anyone with a Github account.

Getting Started

Nimbus' Development Roadmap

Most of the discussion revolving around Nimbus' roadmap is in the Github issue tracker. In particular, check out the grab bag of tasks that are actively being worked on here: