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An iOS framework whose growth is bounded by O(documentation).
Version 0.6 API Changes


Version 0.6.0 of Nimbus was released on August 4, 2011.

This major version introduced the new Nimbus Interapp, a feature for making it easy to interact with the exposed interfaces of other apps installed on the device.

Minor Releases

  • Version - Released on August 8, 2011

Added Frameworks

Noteworthy Non-API Changes

  • Xcode 4 sample project have been added (thanks to rogchap.)
  • The README and HACKERS files have been updated.
  • AUTHORS and DONORS have been added to keep track of all the generous contributions to Nimbus.
  • All Nimbus features have been combined into one Xcode project (one project to rule them all).
  • Removed the use of the NIMBUS_STATIC_LIBRARY preprocessor macro. This removes the duplication of all imports throughout the project. I'm now solely recommending that you add Nimbus directly to your project (instead of as a dependent static library).
  • Xcode docsets are now available for download. The docsets will automatically update whenever a new version of Nimbus is released if you subscribe to the RSS feed.
The new Nimbus Xcode docset allows you to Alt+Click any Nimbus class to get detailed documentation.

Subscribing to the Nimbus Docset Feed

Nimbus now provides automatic updates for integrated docsets. To set this up you simply need to add the docset feed URL to Xcode. Follow these basic steps:

  • Open the Xcode Preferences (Cmd+, while Xcode is focused)
  • Open the Documentation tab.
  • Click the plus (+) button to add a new docset feed url.
  • Paste into the form.
  • Click Add.
  • Click the "Get" button next to the Nimbus docset.
  • Wait a bit while the docset downloads...
  • Voila! You now have the Nimbus documentation built in to Xcode! Try Alt+Clicking some Nimbus classes and methods to give it a whirl.





  • Added NIDebugAssertionsShouldBreak

NIError[.h|m] Added

  • Added NINimbusErrorDomain
  • Added NIImageErrorKey
  • Added NIImageTooSmall
  • Added NINimbusErrorDomainCode



Network Image


  • Bugfix Fixed a potential memory leak caused by not releasing the color space when the bitmap failed to be created.


  • Modified -[NINetworkImageView setPathToNetworkImage:forDisplaySize:contentMode:cropRect:]
    From- (void)setPathToNetworkImage:(NSString *)pathToNetworkImage cropRect:(CGRect)cropRect forDisplaySize:(CGSize)displaySize contentMode:(UIViewContentMode)contentMode
    To- (void)setPathToNetworkImage:(NSString *)pathToNetworkImage forDisplaySize:(CGSize)displaySize contentMode:(UIViewContentMode)contentMode cropRect:(CGRect)cropRect


Interapp Catalog [added]

Real Live People Involved in this Release

Roger Chapman
Avi Itskovich
Jeff Verkoeyen

Add Your Name to This List

Contributions are highly encouraged! If you have a feature that you feel would fit within the Nimbus framework, feel free to fire off a pull request on GitHub. Bugs may be reported using the issue tracker on GitHub as well.

Check out the tasks grab bag for opportunities to help out.

Robots Involved in this Release


 Version 0.6.1 API Changes
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