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Nimbus Web Controller


This controller presents a UIWebView with a toolbar containing basic chrome for interacting with it.

The chrome shows forward, back, stop and refresh buttons on a toolbar aligned to the bottom of the view controller's view. The toolbar includes an option to open the URL in Safari. If the controller is shown in a navigation controller, self.title will show the current web page's title. A spinner will be shown in the navigation bar's right bar button area if there are any active requests.

Adding the Web Controller to Your Application

The web controller uses a small number of custom icons that are stored in the NimbusWebController bundle. You must add this bundle to your application, ensuring that you select the "Create Folder References" option and that the bundle is copied in the "Copy Bundle Resources" phase.

The bundle can be found at src/webcontroller/resources/NimbusWebController.bundle.

Future Goals

  • Better use of screen real estate on the iPad. We will ideally provide multiple implementation styles. For example: native Safari, with the toolbar at the top; native Twitter, with the toolbar at the bottom; plain, with no toolbar at all.

Example Applications

Basic Web Controller

View the README on GitHub

This sample application demos the use of the web controller on the iPhone and iPad.


Screenshot of a basic web controller on the iPhone


class  NIWebController
 A simple web view controller implementation with a toolbar. More...
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