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Nimbus CSS


Nimbus CSS allows you to use cascading stylesheets to theme your native iOS application.

Stylesheets provide a number of advantages over Interface Builder and native code.

  • Diffing CSS files is much easier than diffing Interface Builder's xibs.
  • CSS allows you to define cascading styles. Change one line and an entire class of views throughout your application will change.
  • CSS can be downloaded and swapped out post-App Store submission if you want to make any minor stylistic changes in production.
  • On that same note, CSS stylesheets can be swapped at runtime allowing you to easily change the application's UI when the app state changes. A good example of this is the Rdio app when you go into offline mode and the app's online components gray out.
  • Chameleon - modify CSS files and watch the changes affect your app in real time.


 CSS Stylesheets
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