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An iOS framework whose growth is bounded by O(documentation).
User Interface


The views and data containers used to display a launcher user interface.

The Nimbus launcher is composed primarily of the NILauncherView and its protocols. The NILauncherViewController, NILauncherButton, and NILauncherItemDetails objects are all auxiliary objects and exist purely to provide an example implementation of the launcher view.

Hacking Notes

As mentioned above, the meat of the launcher is contained in NILauncherView. If you want to customize anything about it, start by subclassing NILauncherView. The launcher view is built to mimic the design of UITableView in its use of a delegate and data source. This design decision is a conscious one because it allows us to maintain the data for the launcher view outside of the view itself. This allows the launcher view to be "dumb" and separates the data used to populate the launcher from the presentation. When we inevitably receive a low memory warning on a view controller that's off screen, we can discard the launcher view and be confident that we won't lose any state information.


class  NILauncherView
 A launcher view that simulates iOS' home screen launcher functionality. More...
class  NILauncherViewController
 A view controller that displays a launcher view and implements its protocols. More...
class  NILauncherButton
 A simple launcher button that shows an image and text. More...
class  NILauncherItemDetails
 A convenience class for managing the data used to create an NILauncherButton. More...
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